Well, Well, Well

Ok I am officially tired and I know that I will have to get some rest some time before the end of the World. Anyway school is going much better for me know that I can actually get some sleep before class. I think that I just really needed to evaluate some of the things in my life and prioritize them. School is second, falling second only to love(God, Family, “some” friends). I am trying to find some time to start putting more work in to project X. I would really like to get this thing off the ground and hopefully will find the time to do so. There is so much that needs to go in to the site that I don’t really know what to do, I think I will just have to make time for it just like anything else important in my life.

to give you a feel of what my life consist of here we go (*not in order of importance):
God (My savior, my lawyer, my doctor, my everything)
Church… and yes there is a difference (Trinity AME Church)
EQ (my home away from home)
Jdotmedia (my home)
Project X – extension
Music (new life)
Toys (gas in the car)
Family and Friends (My heart — the list goes on forever)
School (Georgia State University)
… and yes there is more but can’t really throw it out there like that.

Anyway now that I think about I have to go… check back in later and finish this post.


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