Be sure to protect yourself against the FIRE

No but seriously there are a couple of things that you may want to know about Firefox as you go head first into the Fire.

First – The first thing is that the code is open source and if you didn’t already know or realize this leaves development open to anyone. Hackers and programmers just love this stuff because it gives them an “open” look at how the application works without having to pick apart the whole thing. Just be aware that with open source software developers will try to find ways to use it to make money; hackers will steal, ad developers will find ways to put spyware on your computer and so on.

Secondly – there are still bugs to be worked out and believe it or not as “flawless” as it may seem there are still Millions of web pages that don’t load correctly and won’t as the development of Firefox goes more forward than backward. Not don’t get it twisted, some people haven’t seen these flaws but as they browse they will. Also let’s not forget that Firefox is a baby and how fragile it is. I personally am having some problems with some script while writing, which works fine in IE. All I am saying is just be aware that YOU WILL run into some problems, and be prepared.
(For instance I can’t log into some email clients such as my Bellsouth account because of the way Firefox interprets the scripts received from the Bellsouth Mail server)

All in all this is not a bashing for Firefox please believe I support it 100% I mean just look at my site, (Mozilla all the way) just be careful as we know not what is to come. Personally I wear protective gear all the time.


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