Even in Person

So I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I know I did and it was topped of by a wonderful experience with my homeboys. So late Saturday night, early Sunday morning me and my boys go to see Darkness, by the way a C+ movie at most, and while we are waiting in line…My homeboys go silent. No real reason as to why immediately until Will recognizes one of his homeboys, and who is on his arm none other than Miss Tomika Skanes. I am not going to rant and rave, but I must say that she as in beautiful in person as she is in her pics and videos. She is a very “low key” type of woman, which I understand because of her popularity. Even below here hat covered eyes it was still hard to hide her beauty. Well Tomika keep doing your thing, you are on your way. Anyway that is all I have to say about that and I am going to bed.


You can see Tomika’s site here and also check out Profetik Tomika’s modeling and talent dev firm


  1. wow, lucky guy.

    As for the movie, I read that a lot of scenes were taken out of that movie to get it to a PG-13 rating.
    One such scene contained bleeding walls.

    The MPAA loves to do this to make money, with that rating more kids will go to see it and later we’ll pay again to see the “unrated” dvd.
    Not to gripe about the film industry on your blog but censorship always finds a way to annoy me.

    After all that I’m glad you had a great holiday, and glad your doing well too!

  2. yea… I am doing much better going to the doctor today… to hopefully get released so that I can go back to work… or something… first real weekend out of the house. See you soon


  3. wow, lol, thanks for the nice email…and the blog entry, very sweet.

    i wish you the best in your web/graphic design (which i checked out and is very nice!) and just in life in general!

    stay blessed!

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