PAIN… I hate it

Let me first start about by thanking God that I am even here to write this. Yesterday morning I was on my way to my last official class of the year and I get into an accident. You couldn’t tell it was bad by looking at me despite the pain I am in, but the car… WOW looks a mess (I will post pics later) anyway sent to the hospital where I laid on my back for 8 hours and then they sent me home. I will post how the whole thing happened when I post pics. Going to look at the car either today or tomorrow. Anyway my neck hurts and I have horrible headaches every once in a while but other than that i am great. I want to thank all the good people who helped me out. I know that my purpose is much greater than some of the petty things I sit around and whine about. there was common phrase that I heard from the police officer, the doctors and just about anyone I saw, who saw the car; “You have a lot more to give to the World, Kid.” and yes it was with the “kid,” anyway going to lay down as my head is hurting.



  1. I’m sure that other driver was way to wound up in singing the girl parts.

    Justin I’m glad your alive! I hope you can get better without any more pain. I’ll share the news with the crew, but get plenty of rest. Not that I want you to come back to work but I do need good intellectual conversations.

    Many prayers are with you.

  2. Hey baby. I’m soooo glad you are okay. Dont know what I would’ve done if you weren’t on the other end of that phone today. Just want you to know that I thank God you are alive and I hope you value your worth more now than ever before. You do have a divine purpose here on earth and now is your chance to put the gears in motion. The pain will pass, and know that I am here for you if you need anything…but I think you already knew that! I love you and take it easy. I’m only a phone call away!

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