School, books… I almost forgot

Well I started the semester back in school today and sure enough I am already “tired.” My schedule consist of Graphic Design, Advertising Campaigns (fun class), Marketing Research, Sales Management (yes another Marketing class), and Business Communications. O’ what fun it is to be me. It’s cool though because I am deep into my major work and look forward to actually learning something at Georgia State. 3 out of those 5 classes are GROUP oriented so it will be interesting to see how that pans out as far as time is concerned. Anyway gotta work, so everyone be safe and see you soon.


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  1. gutter wonders if your school has a shadow program, in which I follow you around and sit in on your classes. (Taking every note as fast as I can write)
    Your schedule sounds killer, and I’m sure your tired but It’s a good “tired” feeling to have.

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