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So it’s been awhile and I decided not to promise myself a certain amount of post in a certain amount of time. Instead I plan to work hard and when I’m compelled to write I will. The other difference is I won’t draft ANY messages. I’ll write till I’m done and then publish. With that said expect some imperfections in my writing and expect more scattered thoughts.

With that said let’s get right into it. Here’s what I’m working on and my one word sentiment!

  • Wrapping up the next iteration of DIGITALGUESTLIST (launch in January) – Stoked!
  • Producing A new web series… with a twist. Essentially I’m just cutting checks! LOL!! – Innovative
  • Writing and producing a short film called “Roaming” – Overdue
  • Continue to expand the jdawkinsatl Brand – Justified

You may have noticed that the list consists mostly of film/TV production. Well the truth is I’ve always loved film but because my passion is centered more around marketing them than making them, I rarely have time to actually create. Well that’s about to change. I have a great team on my side and we’ve decided to create a production company to produce an innovative web seriesĂ‚ as well as a short film I’ve been working on for awhile now.

That’s it’ for now. I’m tired and I stillĂ‚ have a few things to knock out before hitting the bed (Written @ 11:45pm).

Good night and God Bless!

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