3 Quick Thoughts on Mobile and Big Data

Today we had a really great conversation with one of the mentors of the NewMe Accelerator program and in the middle of our conversation we started talking about the impact mobile will have on big data projects and businesses. I didn’t really draw any substantial conclusions but I had some thoughts and questions so I decided to share and see what you think.

  • Is mobile data too intimate for big data? First let me be clear. I realize that big data is about aggregation but we have to remember that consumers don’t care about “aggregating your information anonymously.” The truth is a consumer’s mobile device is very telling about who they are, what they’re doing and where they’re doing it and that’s all that matters to them. I’m not 100% sure if users won’t become more guarded as mobile devices hold more intimate data. Think about how protective consumers may become as the device becomes a more intimate object in their lives. Mobile devices can facilitate romance, friendships, a holder of their money and much more. Will they share that or abandon their device to something “safer?”
  • If users continue to give their most intimate pieces of information away (knowingly or unknowingly), what’s going to be their win in the equation. Developers will have to build much more value into their apps to warrant their level of intimacy they require.
  • What will mobile data say about different cultural and socioeconomic groups of the mobile consumer? Individuals from different background use their devices in different ways. I wonder how that will impact and translate in big data.

What did I miss? Chime in and let’s continue the conversation.


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