Hi! I’m Justin Dawkins as you can probably guess from the domain name. This journal will cover lots of areas including, but not limited to;

  • Technology – Particularly education technology, African-American culture and technology
  • Some special moments shared with my family and friends
  • Entrepreneurship – start-ups, start-up culture, innovation and fundraising
  • Cultural observations I’ve made in the world of marketing and more.

I hope that some of what I have to say is either entertaining or educational, and hopefully a little of both. Other than that this will be about whatever sparks my interest or gets my attention. I hope you enjoy and I want you to know that I am always open for discussions, so feel free to comment and share.

By day I wear a few different hats including:  CEO and principal of the digital first multi-cultural marketing consultancy Inflex Digital as well as, Co-Founder at sf35.

You can find me all around the web but here are the basics.
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