Dawn on a new day!

I am officially declaring November 2nd 2004
“Get Bush out of the White House Day.” Yes it is long but you get the point. I have a lot of strong feelings, and a lot to say about both of the candidates, but honestly it would take me days to say it all, so I will just say this.
America we need a fresh start. I am neither Democrat nor Republican but tomorrow I will vote for the man that makes me feel the best about the future. Not just my future but the future of some of my classmates (in the military), friends, family, and God willing my future children. I am not one to judge anyone, or at least I try my best, but something has to change and that change is to get Bush out of the office. I will end this with a quote from my business partner Chris as it captures the essence of what I am thinking; I can write a book on all the shit Bush did that I don’t approve of…but I can’t even count on one hand the number of things he did that I do approve of.”
…and regardless of the weather which appears to be pleasant in this area (Georgia) I DARE and petition everyone to get up off the couch, you are sitting there because you have no job, and GO VOTE!



  1. Thanks for the quote there J….I know come hell or high water I’ll be at the polls in a few hours….one, because we really do need some change in this country…and two, because South Park said that P. Diddy is going to hunt down, and kill, everyone that doesn’t vote this year. VOTE OR DIE!

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