Fade to Black

Fade to black was really and awesome “autobiography.” I went into the theatre with an open mind and assuming nothing and I recieved a treat. I think that Jay-Z is one of the greatest and after seeing this movie I have a greater respect for not just Jay but also the producers and other artist in the music game. Now back to the movie; The movie to me is inspirational, and I am sure that Jay-z’s career is inspirational to so many. One can only sit back and enjoy seeing what went into the Black album and the album means so much more after watching the film. I appreciate the concept and dedication Jay personally put into the film, and I respect him for taking the time to have every move recorded (thought I am sure there is plenty edited out). Overall, though I am biased I will give the film a 4 out 5, there was only one thing I wish I could have seen more of and that is Marcy and a little bit more of his past. I understand however that reflection is time consuming and looking back to much slows down progress. Secondly a look into the future would have been nice, to show the world where Jay-z will be, or wants to be, in say 5 years. Either way I the film was great and Jay, to me and many, is the greatest of all time.

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