Mozilla Crazy

Ok Ok so I have gone a little Firefox and Thunderbird crazy, but it is with good reason. I think that the two applications are perfect. I keep IE only for mondane and elementary reasons and my entire family now uses Firfox. Finally I don’t have to worry about my little sister accidentally downloading spyware and viruses. I would also like to thank Bellsouth for updating its mailbox, it only took a year to get new mailbox features and stuff. Of course it doesn’t matter now because I use Thunderbird for my emails. Anyway if you want to experience the web a little….smoother just click here for the new FIREFOX browser and here for the new THUNDERBIRD email client.



  1. Yep. I’ve been using Firefox for since the beta days. Thunderbird….well, as of last week. There are a few features missing though…but that’s the beautiful thing….it’s open-source.

  2. lol… yes Jim yes…(evil laugh) my plan for World domination is alomost complete. Once I get ipods on all the ears in the World no one will be aware that Walmart and I are taking over. (evil laugh again)

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