Why didn't I think of that!

ARGH… another non-imaginative idea that is going to pay off big. here is a recent conversation I had with my business partner over an instant messenger.

* please note this was my initial opinion before really reading the process and how they protect artist.

Jdot: http://www.ripdigital.com/
Jdot: why didn’t I think of that
Chris: why would you?
Chris: oh
Chris: now that I see the site I understand
Jdot: they are doing nothing but ripping YOUR own music off of YOUR CDS and to make it worst they probably have a huge catalog and all they have to do is see the CDs you have and drop the files in… and if they don’t have it they rip it and add it to the database
Jdot: damn it why didn’t I think of that argh
Jdot: it’s so stupid (perfect)
Chris: lol

Now I am all for getting paid for making things easier for people but my goodness they have no overhead except for a few desktop computers (don’t know how many) and the software to do it (which you can download for free). They probably have a variable cost of 5 bucks for every 50 cds and that’s it… WOW if I would have known this 4 years ago when I started ripping CDs and putting my music catalog together on my computer I would be sitting on an island somewhere reading some guys blog about my CD ripping company and laughing at all of the people who mail a few hundred CDs and I simply mail them back.

Great work guys… GREAT
PS sorry if I seem a little hostile (great idea)
also I commend you on the digital watermarking, because I respect music also and would hope that no one steals music.
Oh and not to mention the margin these guys are getting on USB drives AWESOME

anyway getting depressed add more later

Great review by Gizmodo click here

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  1. I saw another sevice similar to this in which the company would put your albums on dvd.

    This business won’t last too long. People always look for ways around things. People also love D.I.Y. stuff too.

    P.S. Support the artists you listen to and enjoy.

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