The Winter Check-In

Hello everyone I hope that you are all keeping warm, and with temperatures staying as warm as they have been the past few days, I don’t think that will be a problem.
OK ok ok, so I apologize for not posting more often, and keeping in touch with me and what’s going on. However, the truth is I have kept myself busy, and have been through quite a lot the past couple of months. Anyway, God always prevails and I am proud to say that I am healthy, and blessed to still be here to serve others. Now that I have gotten that out of the way I wanted to let everyone who tries to keep up with my work that there are lots of things coming up and even some new launches and projects. My biggest project that you will here more about soon is the Justin Dawkins Project!! I am really excited about it, and look forward to sharing some of my “best-kept-secrets” and new ideas. Here are some of the things that I am working on;

  • New Pleasant Grove (just launched)
  • Redesign
  • The Justin Dawkins Project
  • Masscomm’s Official Website
  • Furlow’s Fotos Website
  • Auntie Cuuz’s Website
  • Smallbiz 2.0 Website
  • New Product Reviews
  • … and so much more!!

As you can see from this short list of things, I stay busy, but that isn’t an excuse so I will try my best to keep everything positive and updated. Anyone who decides to check me out, go ahead and check-in. I miss you all, and for those of you, that have not heard from me in a while, expect to hear from me soon.



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