Compassion Quick Notes (What the church can do to bring Haiti Hope)

So I hoped on the Pastor’s call for Compassion, to see how Social Saints could be a helping hand to the churches and pastors looking to aid Haiti in it’s time of need. The call was encouraging but also a reminder of how much needs to be done. I decided to share some quick notes from the call and a few thoughts of my own. Here is a quick list of things to consider as you pray or look to respond to the needs of Haiti.

What to do…

Right Now: The consensus is to pray and give (money) as often as you can. Where it’s Compassion, the Red Cross or any other organization, just make sure they are a reputable company/organization. Of course tangible goods are welcomed however be mindful that the infrastructure in Haiti is shambles so much of what can be sent won’t make it to a specific person , family or group, in need for quite some time.

That was really all we covered on the call but I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on what we can do after the camera crews have left.

In the coming weeks (6 to 12 weeks): Continue to pray, continue to give money and look to give specific things. As the dust settles and the rubble begins to be cleared, the need for specific things such as clothes, school items, tools, and even toys will become more prevalent. It is then that we should look to give tangible items and focus on the specific needs of people (outside of basic needs).

In the future / Long Term (3+ months): Plan to go. Pastor Shaun King of Courageous Church gave a great message on Sunday, where he focused on being the Church (yea with a capital “C”) we should be, by focusing on what we can do, not what we can say. With that thought in mind, I encourage anyone who can go, to go and make it a personal mission to help with your own two hands. You can help rebuild homes, or churches, assist orphanages in the care of thousands of young people, or merely be a ray of hope to someone who feels alone. We have to remember that this country is starting over, literally so almost anything you can think of will be helpful.

What are your thoughts? What do you plan to do?


  1. Jasmine Bacon

    Great note as a reminder that Haiti will need long term aid and not just aid until the next big story hits. I was researching today what organizations I can volunteer with that will have a direct impact on Haiti. Good read!

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