Oil Dependency Relief Via American Innovation and Entrepeurship

Can we achieve energy independence through American innovation and entrepreneurship? Yes, I know the answer to my questions but given the fact that our dependency has only increased over the past 50 years, I have to wonder if we’re truly capable. The fact that 8 USA Presidents have promised a solution, but NONE of them have successfully executed on a plan, is extremely disheartening and to be honest… disgraceful. Disgraceful as Americans and as a citizen of Humanity. Why can’t our leadership get this right?? Our children will suffer for our greed and inaction. Over the past 50 years promises have been made on both sides of the political isle and yet we’ve made no adequate progress. This is pathetic.

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An Energy-Independent Future
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Don’t get it twisted. I love my country and I believe that we can accomplish anything we set our hearts and minds (not our wallets) out to do. Just consider this a rant. I’d rather discuss solutions than problems any day so; what do you think? Where does the power really live? Our government or through the innovation of American Entrepreneurs? How do we put REAL pressure on our government?

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