November 29th – Social Proof Essentials Recap x Resources and Links

ATL Family

On behalf of David (sleepis4suckers), myself (jdawkinsatl) and Real Social Proof (realsocialproof) I just wanted to say that last night was incredible! Thank you for your time, your energy, your curiosity, questions and love. It goes a long way!There’s quite a bit packed into this email so I’ll get right to it. As I mentioned here are the resources I/we promised.

Real Social Proof Promo CodePromo Code: Google (Yep that’s the actual code and remember Early Bird Ends Tonight at midnight) Social Proof Website:
Reminder: A 2-Day Entrepreneurship Conference featuring the best entrepreneurs and small business owners in the business. April 4th & 5th 2019

The Deck
I had to remove a few things but this is a safe version for you to hold on to and leverage. If you have any questions, or feel like something important is missing please don’t hesitate to reach out.

My Ask
Please, please, please fill out the following survey to tell Google how much you enjoyed this experience and how we can be better. Remember Google i data company. The more data we can provide back to them the more they’ll know that this type of experience is needed.

Additional Workshops & 1-on-1s Coming SoonI did not get to finalize the #Goals (name subject to change) workshop series as I had hoped prior to sending this message. However, if you are interested, simply click the link below to provide your email and confirm that you’d like to receive updates (I don’t believe in SPAMMING people). (takes 15 seconds)

Additional Resources

That’s it… I think! What did I miss? Email me to let me know if you have any questions.

Peace, blessings and I hope you have a safe and pleasant weekend.

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