Well I am officially exhausted. After a 12 hour shift or two with Jim and the crew and feeling under the weather this weekend I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything, but that is not really an option. I got a couple of phone calls today for some new work. One was from … [Read more…]

Let's talk Software

So I am wokring with Crystal Ball and it is official it is one of the most complicated and frustrating add-ins (excel) I have ever had to deal with. The program drove me up the wall for like 6 days. First I couldn’t get the damn thing to run when I need it the most … [Read more…]

Fade to Black

Fade to black was really and awesome “autobiography.” I went into the theatre with an open mind and assuming nothing and I recieved a treat. I think that Jay-Z is one of the greatest and after seeing this movie I have a greater respect for not just Jay but also the producers and other artist … [Read more…]

Well, Well, Well

Ok I am officially tired and I know that I will have to get some rest some time before the end of the World. Anyway school is going much better for me know that I can actually get some sleep before class. I think that I just really needed to evaluate some of the things … [Read more…]

Dawn on a new day!

I am officially declaring November 2nd 2004 “Get Bush out of the White House Day.” Yes it is long but you get the point. I have a lot of strong feelings, and a lot to say about both of the candidates, but honestly it would take me days to say it all, so I will … [Read more…]

My thoughts (short version)

ok ok ok… So here is the really really really short version of what I think about the upcoming election, and what I would like to see! I AM READY FOR A CHANGE and there you have it. America needs a change and I hope and pray that we see a change…SOON! here are some … [Read more…]